It's very easy to be diferent, but very hard to be better.

In 2011, following the close example of several generations, two young brothers created Meia Madeira, leading a successful commercial venture.

Based in the internationally known "Capital of Furniture", in Rebordosa, it adapted a wide range of proposals to the furniture market, over the years, in a clear demonstration of great capacity to meet the requirements and tastes of a heterogeneity of the international public.

Modern facilities and high technology combined with market and costumer needs were the basis for a clear evolution in continuity. The manufacture and assembly of joinery products (internal and external doors, linings of stairways and wall claddings, window blinds, closets, solid wood flooring ...) is no longer exclusive to make room to new segments, including the Contract sector, matching design to comfort and reliability to functionality.

We now offer several products such as lighting, carpets, solid/composite wood flooring and engineered, mattresses, curtains and blackouts, towels and custom linens.

El 30 and 60 certificates for fire doors, and Acoustics up to 42db. Again, the emphasis is on innovation and difference. This offer allows to equip our doors with all kinds of natural or composite wood veneers. Finish with Matt or Glossy varnish.

They can also be Lacquered in different colors or fully customized through fingerprint. A huge and extended palette of models and shapes, as well as metal fittings, hinges, overhead springs, panic hardware and knobs. As the certificate allows, it is possible to make special-sized doors, both in height and width.

All this versatility coupled with strong responsible and entrepreneurial spirit, which has already expanded internationally, makes us TRUE WOOD TAILORS.


Based in carpentry and furniture manufacturing, Meia Madeira - Home & Hotel Concept is a dynamic, innovative, united Group, proud of its history and above all a believer in its values and respectful of the motivations of the different places where we operate.

International expansion is now a reality, a privileged space for our business. Especially in hotel equipment, we currently have a highly successful vast portfolio in interior design.

Meia Madeira works with impressive deadlines and a desirable price / quality ratio. The final product, carefully prepared by our young and dynamic team of dozens of employees, gives substance to the strategy that aims at full customer satisfaction all over the world!


Beyond borders, with internationalization guaranteed and never neglecting the internal market, the search for perfection began, in a clear and unambiguous bet on the already recognized quality by the numerous and loyal customers.

Following sustained growth, the business decisions are to maintain a flexible organization and anticipate trends in the Home & Hotel Concept areas.

This results in a fully customized work. We follow the customer, making the difference with permanent presence in all stages of the manufacturing process of the product to the final satisfaction.

Creativity and innovation become key words in the clear bet on versatility.


We focus on our professionals guided by the fundamental values of Ambition, Innovation, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Integrity, Commitment, Sharing, Transparency, Credibility, Dynamism, Training, Rigor and Quality, based on respect for dignity.

Such Corporate Values are not a mere statement: they are what we believe in, what we live for and what we breathe every day!

With the goal of designing the world.